We’d been looking for a good taekwondo school for a while with no luck. We were fortunate to finally find Mr. and Mrs. Catha. They are expert instructors, challenging as well as encouraging. What sets them apart from other places is that they genuinely care about their students and their development.

— Gabriela C

“If you are looking for a traditional Taekwondo class in the Winston Salem area you have found it with Mr. and Mrs. Catha. Our family has known and trained with Mr. and Mrs. Catha for years in the Piedmont Triad, they have a true passion for Taekwondo.”

— Elizabeth Davis

“Mr. & Mrs. Catha have been amazing instructors to my son over the past few years as apart of taekwondo of america. They have encouraged him, challenged him, and treated him like family! They are genuinely amazing instructors and people!”

— Schkita Black 

“Whatever your reason may be for looking for a taekwondo school, I can assure you that Catha's TA will most definitely meet your needs. The Catha's have decades of taekwondo experience, earning their ranks under several different highly skilled instructors in the organization; the knowledge they possess of this martial art is incredible. Would highly recommend to anyone!”

— Davis Collins 

“My family and I have been a part of Taekwondo America since 2011. We love this organization. They have a great program for kids and adults. Mr and Mrs. Catha truly have a passion for Taekwondo. They are very knowledgable and know how to get the best out of you. This is a great place to gain confidence, with great instructors.”

— Kobie Graves 

“I’ve have known Mr. and Mrs. Catha for many years and know them to be not only fantastic martial artists, but also great teachers and mentors. If I were in their area I wouldn’t even consider another school. If you want real, traditional taekwondo, then you have found the best. They are highly respected figures in the elite national organization Taekwondo America.”

— David N McLeod 

“We have known Mr. and Mrs. Catha for 7 years. They are wonderful and hardworking instructors, and share a passion for teaching.”

— Barbara Haithcock 

“Mr and Mrs Catha are fantastic! They are knowledgable instructors who are caring and supportive of their students.”

— Sarah Sianis 

“Mr. & Mrs. Catha are not only the epitome of martial arts instructors, but individuals of supreme character.

They love teaching TKD, challenging and celebrating their students’ achievements. I myself, was taught by the Catha’s as a kid and can vividly remember their enthusiasm and encouragement when I started my TKD training. Nearly 20 years later, I am still learning from Mr. & Mrs. Catha with the same qualities.

Catha’s TA is the best martial arts school in Winston-Salem and anyone can enjoy and benefit from this school.”

— Jay Tomblin

Catha’s has made a huge positive impact on my daughter! In just 4 months of Taekwondo with this wonderful group, I see an increase in physical strength, but more importantly in self-confidence and self-discipline. She is excited to go each and every time and would be there 5 times a week if I let her! 

— Cory Blalock