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Teen Taekwondo in Winston-Salem

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The Best Teen Taekwondo Program in Winston-Salem!

Our Teen Taekwondo Classes are a great way for middle schoolers, high schoolers, and more to develop a profound sense of confidence, become fit in a safe and supportive environment, and to meet new friends from all across Winston-Salem. Our team of nationally-certified instructors at Catha's Taekwondo America will ensure that your teen is professionally supervised and gets the most out of their training experience. 

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Why Choose Teen Taekwondo Classes?

Our unique approach at Catha's Taekwondo America allows teenagers to train alongside adults in our martial arts programs. They'll still get the chance to learn teamwork and leadership alongside students of their own age, but also get to enjoy the confidence and sense of inclusion that comes with training alongside adult students.

Starting at age 13, our Teen Taekwondo Classes will help students develop a newfound sense of confidence alongside anti-bullying techniques and robust physical fitness. Sign up today and see why families from across Winston-Salem, Lewisville, and Clemmons have chosen to train with us!

Our Teen Taekwondo program offers:
  • A healthy way to build confidence
  • The chance to pursue fitness in a safe environment
  • Real-world self-defense skills for any situation
  • A sense of community through Taekwondo

At Catha's Taekwondo America, we understand that being a teenager is hard! That's why our Teen Taekwondo Classes are designed to be inclusive and fun, and to give teens both a constructive outlet for their energy and the mentorship they need to be successful. Join us in Winston-Salem and see how we're making a difference through our Teen Taekwondo Classes!

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We're proud to offer Teen Taekwondo Classes that will help students to develop a profound sense of confidence alongside real martial arts skills! Whether you're in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, or Lewisville, our convenient location makes it simple to train with us.

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